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Hair, makeup, and clothes.

Glamorous ♥
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____THE MODS: The chickies who on this bitch are Kati(accident_sex) and Brittany(xporvidax).

We own you.

____THE COMMUNITY: This community is about hair, clothes and makeup. There will be tips, pictures, and tutorials on how to cut shirts. If you want to be a part of this community you must do a few things...

First we would like you to fill this out...




5 favorite bands:

5 hobbies:

A picutre of yourself:

____KATI: I'm just like I be like mel gibson in Brave Heart, "never give up, never surrender!"

I like: dinosaurs, boys, PB&J, kissing, concerts, art, guitar, photography, perverts, dork spocks, kittens, penis, oreos, pretty hair, thursday, bracelets, love, alice in wonderland, birthdays, lip rings, cam whores, pink, snuggling, tight pants, coheed, pinatas, kids, cosmo, pins, you, backwards mullets, beasts, TBS, black & white, weirdos, lace, bagels with olives and cucumbers, being called "pumpkin." I do not like vaginas, obese babies, girls, lables, people who cut for attention, school, your mom, genocide, rubber spikes, pennies, religion, smile empty soul, hitler, yellow, girlfriends, apples, maps, not being able to go to concerts, not being called "pumpkin."

Some bands: Greenday, Alkaline Trio, Thrice, Rise Against, Norma Jean, Finch, Bouncing Souls, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Posion the Well, Time Spent Driving, Bright Eyes, Thursday, Limbeck, Sparta, Offspring, Everytime I die, Anti Flag, My Chemical Romance, Rancid, Count the Stars, Against Me.

You can contact me: AIM: kati like whoa x

...and I <3 robots.


I like: A lot of things. Men. Sword fighting.

Some bands: Atreyu, Remembering Never, Midtown, An Albatross, the Faint, Every Time I Die, Scarlet, Spitalfield, Bleeding Through, Sex Positions, Murder by Death, the Daughters, BTBAM, Hot Cross, the Gossip, Eighteen Visions, Interpol, TBS, Chingy, etc.

You can contact me: AIM: Untilxitxkills